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What Makes DOVE Different

Since its inception, DOVE has been and continues to be an integral part of the community. DOVE is based in Quincy and has a strong history in the city. The roots of community support for DOVE run both broad and deep. The organization is relied upon to provide services to victims of domestic violence and their families, as well as education and information throughout the community, and we are committed to doing so well. DOVE has a strong foundation of collaborative partnerships, is a member of Jane Doe Inc., the MA Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, as well as a number of other service networks and business and development networks in the Greater Quincy area, and on the regional and state levels. DOVE is extremely efficient, lean, and resourceful, investing in staff professional support for high quality work, collaborative partnerships with colleagues, and increasingly engaging the community to assist us in meeting our mission.  With solid leadership and strong staff in place, and a strategic plan to guide our work, the organization is well-positioned to build on its past accomplishments and launch into the next level of growth and development as an organization.