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One of the most traumatic and stressful events the owner of a nice watch can experience is replica hublot watches the painful process of sending your precious watch off into the unchartered vagaries and perilous possibilities of a factory service. Hublot's trying to ease the pain a little. The lengthy and costly factory service is one of the joys of owning a replica tag heuer mechanical watch, and people deal with it in various ways. Some weep every time they glance at their unadorned wrist, others use it as an opportunity to buy a replacement watch. Servicing also seems to be the point that most strains the attrinity relationship between brand and loyal customer: the consumer's lack of control over the process, and over their own watch can lead to tension, and often angry posts on the internet, very easily. Hublot, who, aside from doing 'fusion' very well, also do a very good job at replica cartier watches building and maintaining communities, have recognised this. In a very clever move, they have announced an "Atelier Watch," the horological equivalent of the beat-up old Honda you get when your car is taking a vacation at the garage. Hublot are offering this watch - a quartz number made from their trademark composite material with a rubber strap - to customers whose watches are being serviced through their network of boutiques. It's a nice customer service touch, and a smart move by Hublot. It's a policy that probably costs Hublot very little in the scheme of things, and they're hoping that the goodwill generated will translate to a few more Big Bangs sold.

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