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DOVE (DOmestic Violence Ended), Inc. reaches out today to our communities with a call to action

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COVID-19 Update for DOVE’s Services

DOVE is continuously monitoring the latest developments regarding COVID-19 (the disease resulting from infection from coronavirus) and following the direction of our state and federal public health officials. We are making changes in our services to help minimize the risk of virus transmission.

While our community office is currently closed, DOVE staff are continuing to provide community and legal services via phone and email until further notice. As a result of the guidance issued by the Governor and public health officials, we are making a few temporary shifts to some of our programs and services and events to minimize the risk of virus transmission, while remaining available to survivors and community members who need us.

  • Counseling, Advocacy, and Legal Services: Survivors currently receiving services will be able to continue accessing services remotely, either online or by phone. We encourage survivors who are looking to begin services to contact us by phone, and our Advocates and Staff Attorneys will explore your individual needs with you.


  • Community Based Advocacy & Counseling: 617.770.4065 x 300


  • This is a challenging time adjusting to a new normal for an unknown amount of time. We’ve created some resource lists to help families with ideas on entertaining children and adults while inside with both fun activities and educational ones! We’ve also included some resources on talking to children about COVID-19. Knowing that kids hear information from a variety of sources, it can be helpful in easing anxiety to talk through what they know and what questions they may have. For specific questions or resource help, reach out to our Children’s Services Coordinator at 617 770 4065 x 320.
    View Family resource regarding things to do with your child/children during COVID-19


  • Please view the CDVA’s Program Changes on the Community Services direct page for detailed information.


  • Legal Advocacy: 617-770-4065 x 400
    The courts are closed until further notice.
      If you have an upcoming court date, call the court for details regarding your case.

    Please view the Legal Advocacy Services direct page for detailed information


  • Support Groups: All DOVE-affiliated support groups are suspended until further notice.


  • Hotline: Running as usual! You can still reach our hotline for support by phone 24/7 at 888.314.3683 or 617.471.1234


  • Community Education & Youthspeak: All programming is suspended until further notice.


  • Spring Domestic Violence Awareness Training: The 35-Hour Training (originally scheduled for March 23-27) has been postponed until tentatively June 2020. Please contact with any questions.


  • Children’s Services: Children & adolescents already receiving services will be able to continue accessing services remotely, either online or by phone. Currently there is a waitlist for new child or adolescent clients. Short term parenting support or help with family specific resources is available remotely. Contact the Children’s Services Coordinator for more information 617 770 4065 x 320.

We will provide timely updates to our website, Facebook, and Instagram feeds as soon as possible.

Your health and safety are top priority! It is in everyone’s best interest to be prudent and prepared, but not to panic. It’s also important to remember that we are part of local and global communities, and we are all in this together. It is important to not allow harmful stereotypes and racist messages to go unchecked. Scapegoating and stigmatizing people are components of oppression; it’s part of our work to push back against oppression in all its forms.

Regardless of any one person’s level of risk, it is up to all of us to take steps to stop the virus from traveling through our communities to reduce the likelihood that the virus will find its way to those who are most vulnerable. We advise everyone to follow the advice from MA DPH: washing hands thoroughly, working from home, staying home when sick if it’s not possible to work from home, and coughing into tissues or elbows.

This is a fast-moving and changing situation, and we will continue to follow COVID-19 guidance from the MA Department of Public Health.

If you have any questions, please call our office line at 617.770.4065 x300, or email us at

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support as we continue to remain loyal to our mission during this challenging time.

DOVE’s Mission
DOVE is committed to partnering with diverse communities,
families, and individuals impacted by domestic violence.
We promote hope, healing, safety, and social change by providing
a broad range of preventive and responsive services.

Statement of Affirmation & Welcome
DOVE welcomes refugee and immigrant survivors both documented and
undocumented, people with disabilities, people who are deaf or hard of hearing,
people of color, and LGBQ/T and gender non-conforming individuals.


At DOVE, we believe that all people have the right to live without fear of abuse. DOVE is the only domestic violence organization, including shelter, in Norfolk County and also serves the greater South Shore.

Since its founding in 1978, DOVE has expanded from a volunteer-run crisis hotline to providing comprehensive support services to victims of domestic and dating violence – women and men, adults and teens. These services include a 24-Hour Hotline, emergency shelter, legal assistance, crisis intervention services, supportive education and counseling, support groups, and assistance accessing governmental and community-based services.

Further, DOVE conducts community outreach and education through presentations, workshops, and trainings, for health and social service providers, businesses, faith-based groups, community and civic groups, and others. DOVE also operates a prevention initiative, working presently with a number of high schools.

download pdf of Fall 2020 Domestic Violence Training sessions