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Public Policy and Advocacy

DOVE Statement in Response to Recent Decision on Asylum for Domestic Violence Survivors:

DOVE is deeply saddened by Attorney General Jeff Session’s recent decision to weaken asylum protections for survivors of domestic violence.  The decision came in the midst of the federal administration’s reprehensible policy of separating and detaining immigrant families. The right to seek asylum is a basic human right enshrined in international law, and immigrant survivors should have the opportunity to seek refuge, healing, and safety from violence. Current policy  further traumatizes immigrant survivors and their families and is poised to deter survivors from seeking asylum in the U.S. DOVE will continue to advocate for the rights of immigrant survivors to seek asylum, and to empower and uplift all survivors of domestic violence.


Download: Sign on Letter Matter of A-B-, 27 I&N Dec. 316 (A.G. 2018)

Freedom for all Massachusetts

Download pdf of TPS letter to MA Delegation