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Attend/Request a DOVE Training

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To raise awareness and work toward preventing domestic violence, DOVE offers trainings, workshops and presentations to law enforcement, health care professionals, schools, businesses, social service providers, religious organizations and the community.
Training topics include, but are not limited to:
  • “Domestic Violence 101”
  • Working with Survivors of Domestic Violence as a Service Provider
  • Dating Violence in College Communities
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • Parenting in the Context of Domestic Violence
  • Children Exposed to Violence
  • Victims of Domestic Violence and the Legal System
  • Risk Assessment and Safety Planning
  • Domestic Violence in the Workplace; How to Support an Employee
  • Domestic Violence and Health Care Settings; How to Screen Respond and Refer

DOVE’s Domestic Violence Awareness Training is a comprehensive overview of issues related to dating and domestic violence, as well as working with survivors. It is ideal for social service providers, advocates, law enforcement, health care workers, clergy, and anyone committed to helping end domestic violence.

This intensive training – complete with expert speakers, videos, and role-plays – offers valuable knowledge
and skill-building needed to appropriately work with victims and survivors of domestic violence.